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About us

Wall Street is a HR Services and Systems provider that was founded in 2001 by Leah Akoka who was the people arm for Dodo Internet. As time went on, Wall Street evolved into a Human Resources company that now has clients spanning more than 15 industries.

Why we do it

We believe that everyone is capable of greatness and that we can help them see how. We believe that the person is never the problem, but rather the issue is that we may not have made our expectations clear, or that we haven’t given the person a reason to succeed. Or the job just simply isn’t for them.

How we do it

We immerse ourselves into our clients business and ensure that we share the same goals and understand their business and what success looks like for all of us.

We ensure that everyone in the business believes in the same values and the goals of the business and that their individual goals are aligned by recruitment of likeminded people and ensuring all communication is consistent, clear and coherent with relevant messaging.

We challenge and inspire the people to ensure that nothing stands in the way of their greatness and in turn their success.