Wall Street provides a broad portfolio of business and technology solutions to assist you in improving your business performance. As a virtual extension of your internal IT services and needs, we are able to provide a full range of on-site and remote technical services. Our custom-care representatives have gained substantial real world experience to assist you with the A to Z of IT.

With over 180 staff in the technical area, Wall Street has the expertise in most of the technical environments and products in the market place. We offer services at different experience levels and we cater for different budgets.
The only common aspect of our business arrangements with our customers is that they are all different. Advantages in using Wall Street for your technical support:
  • Bring skills in to your business only when you need it
  • You choose the time frame that you use the resource(s) for
  • Try resources on temporary basis and have the ability to hire them full time if your needs change.
Our ability to deliver easily available and reliable technical support services is essential in retaining customers in today’s ever changing climate.
Answering general help desk enquiries is one aspect of customer support, but what about the technical problems that may arise concerning your existing network, product or service? Wall Street’s technical support service team not only provides assistance to customers experiencing technical difficulties, but also helps in increasing the use and efficiency with your existing products and services.
Making use of Wall Street’s Technical Support Services will help you focus on your core processes without sacrificing on customer support.

We have the expertise for performing system integration, administration and software development and we are able to modify existing programs or write new programs to make a current system perform exactly as needed.
We have the resources and expertise necessary to design, develop, deploy, and maintain robust and portable applications throughout the software development lifecycle.
From .NET to PhP and Perl developers of varying experience and skills to System Architects, you will find that we have a wide range of developers on hand.

The integration of desktop PC systems has made moves, changes and rollouts a complex process requiring careful planning and timely execution.
Wall Street specialises in multi-site rollout projects. Our aim is to take the stress out of rollout projects and alleviate the strain otherwise placed on the company’s IT personnel resources.
Our rollout projects are managed with emphasis on executing the key objectives, running a seamless transmission and delivering outcomes within time and cost restraints.
Our methodology incorporates the following steps:
  • Having a thorough conceptual grasp of the system that needs to be implemented.
  • Keeping a clear vision of what you are trying to achieve and making sure all our resources on the project collectively work towards the same
  • Anticipating and identifying the issues that are or can potentially inhibit what you are trying to achieve, and progressing these issues until they are resolved
  • Post implementation analysis of the project in its entirety.