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Human Resources

What we do

Wall Street is a HR Systems and Service provider for small to medium business. We understand and embrace people as well as the commercial realities.

With over 20 years experience in HR, Sales and Recruitment we help our clients create value for their business through their most valuable asset, their people.

HR Helpdesk

Answer HR related employee concerns

We have a call centre equipped to handle all of your staff HR queries.

Depending on the types of concern there is an escalation procedure to ensure all issues are addressed correctly and in a timely manager.

Log all inquiries

All inquiries are logged and recorded in our system enabling us to track employees concerns and provide documentation.


Weekly and monthly reporting per department. Trend analysis and recommendations.

Policy Development & Enforcement

Employee HR Manual

Outlining all the company Policies and Procedures, Code of Conduct etc. Template forms and documents; set up and administration of all forms and documentation e.g. leave form.

Claims Management

Work Cover claims management and liaising. Unfair dismissal and dispute resolution.

Change Management

Company Restructure, Culture Change, Redundancy, etc.

Performance Management

Position Descriptions

Development and administration of PD's for each role, incorporating suitable KPI's (Key Performance Indicators).

Performance Appraisals

Setting up timetables and forms for performance appraisals (e.g. probationary appraisals, 12 monthly appraisals, etc). As well as conducting and reporting on all appraisals.

Disciplinary Actions

Documentation and management of all employee disciplinary actions and the dismissal process.

Staff Administration

Web Based

Our web based system is accessible from any location.


Online timesheets can work with a hierarchy system that enable tiered approval.


At a touch of a button you can access all staff information; when they have worked, their outstanding entitlement, etc.

Industrial Relations

Employment contracts

Preparation and currency of employment contracts in line with awards and current legislation interpretation of awards and agreements.

Management Education

As legislation changes all relevant line managers are contacted and made aware of the changes. Monthly briefings are held that cover legislation changes as well as any other HR concerns that are identified by the helpdesk report.



Performed as frequently as weekly or as requested.

Statutory Obligations

We manage and pay all your statutory obligations including PAYG and superannuation.


Fully customised reporting is included in the package.

Industries we service

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Nursing & Aged Care
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Real Estate
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client testimonials

"Wall Street is a truly client-centric organisation. We endeavour to exceed your expectations and go through the preparation to ensure that we achieve this."